Activity Log

Nothing is impenetrable and completely impervious to malicious attacks dues to the fact that we, as human, are imperfect. Recent security breaches that happened in both private and public sectors exposed security weakness not in the system but rather human actors with flawed security hygiene. Not to mention the rapid pace of technology evolution.

The question then becomes: what compensating measures and controls can a system provide to fully grasp what happens when things do go wrong? With NotePond, one of multiple compensating controls is activity log.

NotePond's Activity Log records all the necessary information when your secure notes are accessed successfully or otherwise. Activity records are also fully encrypted and available only to you. Now you can easily figure out the who, what, when, where, why and how of your secure notes.

Pro-active Notifications

After-the-fact knowledge helps, but being notified as soon as attempts to access your secure notes (successfully or otherwise) put you in control. NotePond provides multiple notification options including email & SMS.

Non-repudiation Proof

Since secure notes are fully encrypted and can only access with the appropriate keys, Activity Log's information combined with share records allows you to have non-repudiation proof of access when it happens.

NotePond is a Secure Note Platform that uses strong encryption to protect your notes, private journal entries, to do list, reminders, contacts and passwords while making them easy to discover, access and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

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