Secure Note Benefits

Given that NotePond fully encrypts your notes, allows you to securely share and collaborate with others while making your notes easy to consume, you will find that NotePond's benefits go beyond a Secure Note Platform.

The more memories and bits of information to put into NotePond, the more it acts like a true digital extension of your memory. Since everything is fully encrypted with Zero-Knowledge design, like private thoughts inside your own head and memory, only you have access to them.

Supported Data Types

Since NotePond is fully encrypted, you can safely create notes, journal entries, contacts, to-dos, reminders and credentials ...read more

Extending Your Memory

Built as a human-centric Secure Note Platform, NotePond thrive to increase productivity and to enrich your thinking and idea generation experience. ...read more

Easy Access

Available on web, desktop and mobile, NotePond allows you to store and access your secure notes anytime, anywhere ...read more

Backup & Export

Your notes are never trapped with NotePond. You can export and backup your notes in multiple formats anytime. NotePond is future-proof. ...read more

NotePond is a Secure Note Platform that uses strong encryption to protect your notes, private journal entries, to do list, reminders, contacts and passwords while making them easy to discover, access and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

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