Our Story

With the rise in data-mining as business and realization of massive surveillance programs in many countries, consumers are left with two options: to stay in blissful ignorance or to be in a constant state of online data paranoia.

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to be able to write and store some personal thoughts about the most mundane or seemingly inconsequential things without fear that someone is reading them and trying to patch together a marketable profile.

Seriously, can people save recipes for "bun" cake without "coincidentally" being shown some ads about gyms near by where they could achieve that "buns of steel"? No one want to be judged for their spelling skills and their love of baked goods by an online advertisement!

This is why NotePond was created with the following guiding principles:

  • Neither NotePond, people or machine can read users' notes without their permission and explicit knowledge
  • Discovering secure notes should be an easy, useful and productive task
  • Collaborating and sharing secure notes with other people should be painless

With these principles, NotePond set out to build a secure note platform that raises awareness about data privacy and restore trust in our ability to protect and deliver notes anytime, anywhere.

NotePond is a Secure Note Platform that uses strong encryption to protect your notes, private journal entries, to do list, reminders, contacts and passwords while making them easy to discover, access and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

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